Model: P001
1. Energy-saving and environmental protection, no ultraviolet, infrared and mercury pollution, meet UL certification requirements;
2. High-quality PC mask, strong impact resistance, soft light, no eyes
3. High transmittance mask, uniform light-emitting surface, no dark spots, no LED light source grainy;
4. Using a special package and heat dissipation process, continuous operation and high stability;
5. It can be turned on and off frequently, without flicker and glare, and good color rendering performance;
6. The appearance of light, fashionable and easy to install and transport;

  • Detailed Introduction

  • Specification

  •       T8 full plastic LED lamp, the appearance of high-grade, novel. Applicable to all kinds of high-grade office buildings, department stores, factory workshops and other indoor lighting.

          Lamp with a special package and built-in aluminum cooling technology, PC tube heat will not bend, continuous work and high stability; the use of high transmittance mask, with high luminous efficiency, uniform luminous surface, no dark spots and other characteristics; Switch start, no flicker and glare phenomenon, color is good; energy saving, more than 70% of the traditional lamp.

    The basic features


    Power sum


    The input voltage


    The output voltage


    The output current


    Power factor

    0.90 or higher

    Power efficiency

    88% or higher

    Optic index?


    Light Angle


    The light source type


    Tube material


    The power supply installation

    Built-in unfenced constant current power supply

    Pervious to light cover

    PC, 85% light transmittance

    Tube size

    A:588mm B:603mm C:26mm

    The packing way

    Paper tube

    Protection grade


    Emitting light colors

    Warm white, natural white, is white


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