Model: A0005
1. Energy-saving and environmental protection, no ultraviolet, infrared and mercury pollution, meet UL certification requirements;
2. Aluminum profile + high-quality PC mask, strong impact resistance, soft light and no glare;
3. High transmittance mask, uniform light-emitting surface, no dark spots, no LED light source grainy;
4. Using a special package and heat dissipation process, continuous operation and high stability;
5. It can be turned on and off frequently, without flicker and glare, and good color rendering performance;
6. The appearance of light, fashionable and easy to install and transport;
  • Detailed Introduction

  • Specification

  • 1, the front of the light distribution design
    Reasonable control of the distribution of light to ensure the ideal brightness and uniformity of light at the same time, eliminating the glare of the LED and LED light utilization to play to the best, eliminating the light pollution.
    2, the scientific lens and shade design
    Lens proofs also act as a condenser and a protective effect, to avoid duplication of light waste, reduce the loss of light, but also reduce the weight of the product, the structure is simple, the product is more thin, and more conducive to the installation (directly add a card Buckle can be free to fix).
    3, the radiator light shell integrated design
    Fully protect the LED cooling requirements and life expectancy, from the fundamental to meet the LED lighting structure and arbitrary design, highly distinctive LED lighting features.
    4, intelligent current detection control
    Each LED module to implement intelligent control, regardless of any abnormal circumstances, can be accurate constant current, to ensure that the LED lamp beads in the safe current work.
    5, no bad glare
    Eliminate the common glare caused by the glare of the glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference, the eyesight to play a very good protection.
    6, no high-pressure safety does not smoke dust
    Eliminating the ordinary lamp due to high pressure absorption of dust caused by shade black caused by the annual reduction.
    7, no high temperature shade will not be aging yellow
    To avoid the ordinary light due to high temperature baking lampshade caused by aging caused by the brightness of the yellow reduction and short life cut.
    8, start without delay
    Power to reach the normal brightness, eliminating the ordinary lamp for a long time to start the process.
    9, no flash protection eye
    Pure DC work, eliminating the traditional light flicker caused by visual fatigue.
    10, to stamping the strong earthquake resistance without ultraviolet (uv) and infrared (ir) radiation
    No filament and glass cover, there is no problem with the traditional light rupture, there is no harm to the human body clutter, no harm to the human body, no radiation.
    11, high color rendering index
    The color of the presentation more real, more vivid.
    12, a variety of color temperature color optional
    Can meet the different occasions on the color temperature, color needs (sodium lamp color temperature is too low and mercury lamp color temperature is too high will cause a slight hypnosis and depression mood), is the observer in different environments feel more comfortable.
    13, green environmental protection within the possession of hazardous substances can be recycled
    Does not contain lead, tribute lamp pollution elements (traditional light because of its luminous principle contains some toxic elements), the environment without any pollution, and scrapped LED products and recycling recycling
    14, long life of more than 50,000
    LED using high reliability of the advanced packaging process, fully protect the LED's long life is the traditional sodium lamp, mercury lamp 5-10 times.
    15, input wide voltage universal
    85-265VAC full voltage range constant current, PWM control, high efficiency, low heat, constant current accuracy.
    16, no pollution to the grid
    Power factor greater than 0.9, less than 20% harmonic, EMI in line with global targets, to reduce the loss of transmission lines to avoid high-frequency interference on the grid pollution.
    17, low heat and low operating voltage safe and reliable
    LED junction temperature control in the ideal temperature 60 ℃, LED module operating voltage below 36V, safe and reliable.
    18, with the best combination of solar energy
    Give full play to the LED low-voltage work is also a little energy-saving environmental protection, according to the local solar energy resources, electricity and solar power can also be combined for customers to achieve the best cost-effective and high reliability.
    19, high light effect
    LED in the existing conditions of the luminous efficiency of more than 85LM / W. The actual efficiency of the lamp is 3-5 times the general fluorescent lamp, 8 times the ordinary incandescent lamp, 4 times the high pressure sodium lamp. With the rapid increase in LED brightness, luminous efficiency of 160LM / W, 400W sodium lamp will be 100W LED lights instead.

    Power sum


    The input voltage


    The output voltage


    The output current


    Power factor

    0.90 or higher

    Power efficiency

    88% or higher

    Optic index?

    Light acuity 2000 lm

    Light Angle


    The light source type


    Tube material

    Aluminum alloy + PC

    The power supply installation

    Built-in unfenced constant current power supply

    Pervious to light cover

    PC, 85% light transmittance

    Tube size

    A:1470mm B:34mm C:24mm

    The packing way

    The carton

    Protection grade


    Emitting light colors

    Warm white, natural white, is white

    Relevant certification

    CE, ROHS


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