Can LED fluorescent lamps work under electronic ballasts?
2018-05-07 Common Problem

      Our company can tell you very clearly that LED fluorescent lamps do not work under electronic ballasts. The reason is that our LED lighting principle is completely different from that of fluorescent lamps. The purpose of electronic ballasts is to increase the power supply voltage very high. Therefore, it breaks down the inert gas in the fluorescent lamp and emits light, so it belongs to the negative resistance characteristic element for the fluorescent lamp, and our company LED fluorescent lamp uses the Taiwan chip and belongs to the semiconductor element. It can work as long as the power supply voltage reaches its operating voltage. High voltage. And fluorescent lamps are AC devices, and LEDs are DC devices, which are two completely different components. When the LED is used in an AC circuit, it needs a rectifying and regulating circuit, and the fluorescent lamp does not need to be. Therefore, we recommend that you do not force the installation because the ballast will generate large currents that will affect the life of the LED. To install, first cut off the power supply, and then cut the electronic ballast completely to remove the electronic ballast. The neutral wire and the live wire are respectively connected to the two ends of the lamp holder. Then install the LED fluorescent tube, open the power, you can use it safely.


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