LED replacement installation
2018-05-07 Common Problem

      Inductive fluorescent lamp replacement: After removing the starter, install the LED fluorescent lamp directly

      Electronic fluorescent lamp replacement: Remove the electronic ballast, the neutral line and the fire wire are respectively connected to the two ends of the lamp holder


      LED fluorescent tubes and all their accessories cannot withstand any mechanical stress;

      LED fluorescent tubes must be installed by professionals who are familiar with electrical engineering knowledge;

      If you have any questions about installation and use, please consult the relevant professionals or technical personnel of Technology;

      If there is any damage or deformation in the aluminum shell of the lamp, please do not use it; otherwise there is a certain risk of product or installation;

      Please cut off the main power switch or separately connect the wires during installation;

      Please do not damage the lead electrode during installation.

      Please ensure that the product is installed in a stable, flat, inclined fixed place;

      Lamps should be installed in places with heavy humidity and high temperatures. If you need to install them, please contact technical personnel to confirm the installation.


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