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2018-05-07 Common Problem

      Compare with other similar products in the market:

      Our strength lies in:


      1. Metal lamp head design.

      2. The unique design of aluminum alloy plus pc cover has good heat dissipation capability.

      3. The lamp head can be rotated 180°, with a national patented design.


      1. Ordinary LED lamp light efficiency is between 80-95 LM/W. The light efficiency of this product can reach 100-110 LM/W;

      2. Ordinary LED tubes are obviously below 70, and the products are all above 80;

      3. General LED lamp warranty is in 2-3 years, the product warranty is 3 years, if the customer has special requirements can be guaranteed for 5 years.

      4. The pc cover of the ordinary LED lamp adopts the transmittance of 80%. We use the PC cover whose transmittance is over 85%.

      5. Ordinary LED lamp light source uses 2835 deep cup holder as carrier, giving the naked eye a special line in the middle of the human eye, which is very dazzling. Our light source 2835 uses a shallow cup holder as a carrier, and its light is even and soft, and it will not be dazzling.

      6. Ordinary LED lamp light source 2835 The lamp bead is made of iron bracket as the carrier, and the packaging process uses the alloy wire, so that the service life is short. We use the copper bracket as the carrier, and the packaging process uses the pure gold wire of 99.99, so we can guarantee the quality for five years.

      7. The common LED lamp aluminum substrate thermal conductivity below 0.6, can not make the heat of the light source quickly dispersed. Our aluminum substrates have a thermal conductivity of more than 1.0, which guarantees that the LED lamps will last 24 hours and the temperature of the hand-feel does not exceed 38°C.

      8. We only do tubes. We will do every step from the details.


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