LED lighting industry how to avoid the dumping incident in the photovoltaic industry
2018-05-18 Company News

      Today's LED industry and the fierce anti-dumping photovoltaic industry have all created a situation of overcapacity. They all rely too much on a single foreign market. If they are too concentrated in the European market, they must be able to escape the "double reverse" doom. The result of the "double reaction" is of course a double loss, but the one who has been opposed to the two sides will certainly lose even more. We LED lighting to warn the lessons to avoid the PV's following.

      In fact, last year China launched a double counter investigation into the import of polysilicon in the EU, but the amount of money involved is far from being comparable to that of the photovoltaic case. Bai Ming also believes that if the EU decides to implement punitive tariffs, China will certainly counter it. However, it cannot be counter-measured and it must find evidence of damage to China's industry within the framework of the WTO. It is better to be a relatively heavy industry in the EU, and it can have a big enough touch on the EU. In addition, such countermeasures cannot To threaten our own interests, we must minimize our losses.

      Photovoltaic is the same, as are other industries such as plywood and ceramics. In the face of an aggressive oversea market, domestic companies, including photovoltaics, should reflect on why they are being dumped.

      Accelerate industrial integration including photovoltaics, shrink industry scale, guide enterprises to develop more diversified markets including domestic market and BRICS market, and disperse excess production capacity in different regions to avoid over-concentration, causing dissatisfaction. . It is also necessary to increase industrial competitiveness through intensive development, enter the field of high value-added and high-tech content, open up competition space, and avoid low-level repeat competition.


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