Buy ARISE LED fluorescent five principles
2018-05-07 Company News

      ARISE technology expert Xu Gong introduced that rooms with different situations should use different lighting fixtures when lighting decoration, so as to set off the situation. When purchasing lighting fixtures, there are five principles to consider:

      A simple principle: lighting in the room should play a finishing touch. Overly complex shapes and overly complex designs are not suitable for designing simple rooms.

      2 Convenient principle: Most people have experienced the change of ceiling lamp bulbs: step on the table, step on the chair, raise the head 90 degrees, raise the arms to the ceiling of 2.5 meters high or even higher. When choosing a lamp, be sure to consider replacing the lamp.

      3 energy-saving principles: energy-saving light bulbs, lighting is good, it will not emit too much heat, apply multi-head lamps. Most of the energy-saving light bulbs are standard screws, and the chandelier has two kinds of calibers, one of which is standard, and can use energy-saving light bulbs; the other is non-standard and cannot use energy-saving light bulbs. Be careful when choosing: Spotlights are mostly non-energy-saving products.

      4 Safety principles: Be sure to select the regular manufacturers of lamps. Regular products are marked with a total load. Based on the total load, the number of wattage bulbs that can be used can be determined, especially for multi-head pendants. That is: the number of heads × watts per bulb = total load. In addition, large-scale bathroom and kitchen should use waterproof lighting.

      5 functional principles: different use of functional rooms, should install different styles, lighting, lighting. The living room should use bright and colorful lamps; the bedroom should be equipped with lamps that make people feel uncomfortable while lying on the bed; children's rooms should use colorful and varied style lamps; the bathroom should use simple waterproof lamps; the kitchen should be easy to choose Wipe and clean fixtures; spotlights can also be selected in some places that require special performance.


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