The birth of low harmonic glass tube
2018-05-07 Company News

      At the end of nineteenth Century, Edison invented the electric light, then rewrite the history of mankind, from the beginning of human civilization to the era of electric lighting, incandescent lamp marker also is recorded in the annals of history. After that, the rapid development of science and technology, human beings are no longer satisfied with a single lighting environment,LEDThe appearance of the lamp breaks the traditionlight sourceDesign methods and ideas. With the market and people's continuous pursuit of the quality of life, the requirements of the lamp is also getting higher and higher, so the lamp has a low harmonic requirements. The concept of low harmonics is that the lower the harmonic, the lower the pollution to the power grid, which is also consistent with the national outline of energy conservation and emission reduction.
      Our company recently launched a low harmonic glass tube. Now on the market a good point of the LED tube harmonic value of about 20, while the total intensity of our glass tube<6.So how do we do this low harmonic light? This is inseparable from its power performance.
      Analysis of low harmonic LED fluorescent lamp plug power supply
      Small size, high PF high efficiency, harmonic THD is very low!
      With parameters
      Product parameter model LD-F346F note maximum output power 20W
      Input voltage 100-240V/277V
      Output voltage 50-80V suitable for 16-24 string design standard
      Output current 240MA output current range 100-240MA
      Conversion efficiency 91%220V
      Power factor >0.9
      Size 37*21*16
      Certification standards can be certified by CE/EMC.UL, FCC application range LED fluorescent lamp
      Appearance size (shot) LWH 37*21*16MM small volume to meet the installation and use of the market on conventional T8 lamp G13 lamp built-in.
      In this kind of test can be seen in the picture of low harmonic LED plugging head electrical performance parameters of power supply, it appears from the overall data, has been in the industry leading performance parameters of plug power supply: 1 in 110V or 220V, the working voltage environment, PF is greater than 0.99 is close to 1
      2 in the 110V operating voltage, the efficiency will be reduced by a little bit of 88%, but also slightly lower than the market conversion efficiency of low-voltage work, 220V operating voltage efficiency of up to 91.5%
      3 for the case of harmonic THD, 110V operating voltage in the case of the 2.68220V operating voltage at THD, the load of the, which has been exceeded far beyond the various certification marks of the THD. The lower the harmonic, the less pollution to the grid.
      4 this drive evaluation, in the laboratory has been passed to the EMI radiation test, to meet the EU CE standard and China CCC certification standards.
      The performance of the integrated power supply test indicators, the performance of this power is not bad.


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