T5-KSM series introduced custom tube
2018-05-07 Company News


               T5-KSM Equipment Lighting

      Recently, in order to meet the broad customer base and meet market demand, SHENZHEN ARISE PHOTOELECTRICITY CO.,LTD introduced a new T5-KSM device lighting LED lamp, this lamp can be customized lamp length (such as 400MM, 150MM, 200MM, etc. Unconventional length) and lamp parameters. This series of lamps to meet the various types of equipment manufacturers of industrial equipment lighting needs.
      Product features are as follows
      1. Energy saving and environmental protection, no UV, infrared and mercury pollution;
      2. Aluminum + high-quality PC masks, strong impact resistance, light and soft eyes;
      3. High transmittance mask, light-emitting surface uniform, no dark spots, no LED light source grain;
      4. The use of special packaging and cooling technology, continuous high stability;
      5. Can be frequent switching start, no flicker and glare phenomenon, color performance is good;
      6. The appearance of light, fashionable, easy to install and transport;
      7. Can be customized product length and parameters to meet the application of various types of special equipment, the type of lighting needs.


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