Our product description
2018-05-07 Company News

      Comparison with other similar products on the market:
      Our advantage lies in:
      1 metal lamp design.
      2 aluminum alloy with PC cover unique design, good heat dissipation.
      3 lamp can rotate 180 degrees, with national patent design.
      1 ordinary LED lamp light effect between 80-95LM/W, the product can reach 100-110LM/W;
      2 ordinary LED lamp display refers to the following 70, the product is more than 80;
      3 ordinary LED lamp warranty in 2-3 years, the product warranty is 3 years, such as customers have special requirements can be guaranteed for 5 years.
      4 ordinary LED lamp PC cover are used light transmittance of 80%, we use the transmittance of more than 85% PC cover.
      5 ordinary LED lamp light source with 2835 deep cup bracket as carrier, to the human body will have a line in the middle of the tube, very dazzling. Our light source 2835 uses the shallow cup bracket to make the carrier, the light is even and soft, not dazzling.
      With an iron bracket carrier 6 ordinary LED lamp light source 2835 lamp, wire alloy packaging technology, the service life is short, we use copper stent as carrier, 99.99 pure gold with the packaging process, so can five years warranty.
      7 ordinary LED lamp aluminum plate thermal conductivity below 0.6, can make the light heat quickly shed. The thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate is above 1, which can ensure that the LED lamp is bright for 24 hours and the temperature is not more than 38 degrees.
      8 we only do the lamp we will do every step from the details.


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