LED lighting industry standards need to be more perfect
2018-05-07 Company News

      LED lighting standard is very important for our manufacturers, which relates to our of vital importance. In the past the LED industry standard certification system, the general focus on safety, energy efficiency and EMC of these aspects, but from February this year, with the European Standards Committee (CEN) to enforce the EN62493:2010 standard, EMF has become a part of the CE instruction compulsory certification, CE certification for LED lamps in addition to meet LVD and EMC requirements, must also increase EMF electromagnetic radiation certification. EMF standard is mainly aimed at the purpose of personal safety, to study the influence of electric field and magnetic field noise emitted by electronic products on human body. In order to break the technical barriers to trade, the relevant certification testing agencies warned industry enterprises, trade companies should pay special attention to the electromagnetic induction lamp product evaluation test current density in CE certification on the human body, to ensure that the lighting products can smoothly enter the overseas market.
      The LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers should according to the requirements of the new standard, re adjust the product structure design, evaluation of key electronic components, configuration related testing equipment, to strengthen their own quality control system, and in accordance with the requirements of the new standard, the qualified products sent to the qualified laboratory testing and certification, to ensure products meet the requirements of electromagnetic radiation standard; on the other hand, enterprises should also pay attention to the new trend of EU directives and regulations, timely update relevant information, avoid due to encounter technical barriers to product quality control, resulting in foreign reporting, export returns, trade claims and other adverse consequences.
      As a newly emerging industry, LED industry standardization construction of the road is still a long way to go, for the entire LED industry chain in terms of the future there are many aspects need to strengthen the norms and standards of construction. For example, it is necessary to regulate the compatibility and interchangeability of optical components, so that it can accelerate the wide application of LED technology, and provide a stable design platform for lighting manufacturers to reduce the development cost of the light source application. In addition, there is still a long way to go in the standardization of the product and user interface (e.g., control), especially for the reliability of the product.
      In addition, the China LED lighting applications market, there are also some LED manufacturers to reflect, although belonging to LED lighting electricity / light combination of industry, but compared to the difference between indoor and outdoor lighting applications for traditional is not too large, so in addition to a small number of LED technology special field, can directly refer to most of the traditional lighting industry chain relevant specifications have been very mature and standard, which is a main direction of development of many developed countries and regions. But in the current China market, whether traditional or emerging LED lighting lighting are standard lag, the imperfect or missing phenomenon, in the domestic LED industry standards, implementation needs to catch up with the international advanced level, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the market.


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