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Integrated cable

smooth surface No burrs No protrusions No depression Support customization, please click to contact us.

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  • Detailed

    Heating radiation area

    1*2.4m (2 pieces)

    power requirement

    ≤175W (heat radiation downward)

    temperature requirement

    25~30cm from the ground, the temperature can reach 32-35℃

    temperature rise

    Temperature rise 10°C~15°C (20~30cm from the ground)

    Warm lamp height requirements

    The overall height does not exceed 12 cm (including the protective net)

    Temperature requirements on the back of the warm lamp shade

    The temperature on the back side does not exceed 60°C (the lower the better), to prevent the high temperature on the back side from igniting the PP material on the back side

    gear design

    High - Low - Off

    protection net

    A protective net needs to be installed at the bottom of the warm lamp

    cable length

    1 meter

    Tube length


    Lamp Life Requirements

    ≥10000 hours

    Infrared Radiation Conversion Efficiency


    High pressure performance

    220V can load 120% without being burned

    Water jet resistance

    It should not burst when it encounters cold water when it is ignited

    security requirements

    The temperature rise at both ends of the lamp tube is not higher than 185K

    waterproof level


    Pressure regulation

    With pressure regulating function

    a fixed way

    Use a stainless steel spring buckle (safety buckle) with a diameter of about 35mm and an inner diameter greater than 25mm for fixing (installed on the warm lamp)

    The distance between two stainless steel spring buckles is: 100mm

    ☑ Smooth surface, no burrs, no bumps, no depressions.
    ☑ The connection is tight and fits tightly with the waterproof pad.
    ☑ The thickness of the pins is uniform, the arrangement is neat and consistent, and it will not be distorted after more than 1000 times of plugging and unplugging

    Support customization, please click to contact us.

  • Parameter

    Quick insert material 1. Outer drape/inner core: new nylon material, no cavity in injection molding;
    2. Pins/jacks: Brass is fully gold-plated, consistent in thickness, not twisted, and does not return pins;
    Quick plug appearance 1. Smooth surface, no burrs, no bumps, no depressions.
    2. The plugging is tight, and it fits tightly with the waterproof pad.
    3. The thickness of the pins is uniform, the arrangement is neat and consistent, and the insertion and removal are not crooked for more than 1000 times.
    Quick insertion quality parameters 1. Strength requirements: Separation force ≥ 50N in mating state, anti-collision: IK07;
    2. Conduct on-off and blind test of the cable, 100% conduction test, no open circuit or short circuit;
    3. Under normal temperature and pressure, when the male and female waterproof connectors are mated, the contact resistance is ≤10m;
    4. Intermatability: Connectors of the same type and specification should be able to be fully mated and separated;
    5. Waterproof grade above IP67; flame retardant grade ZB grade
    Cable type The cables are all made of 3C-certified national standard RVV copper wires
    cable material The inner core is 99.99% oxygen-free copper, and the outer material of the cable insulation is a new polyvinyl chloride material.
    Electrical parameters 1. Insulation resistance: >100M DC500V; 2. Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃;
    3. Temperature and pressure resistance: 105°C 600V; 4. Flame retardant characteristics: ZB;
    electrical standard Meet the requirements of the national standard GB5023.3-2008.
    Low temperature resistance Under the condition of -40 ℃, the cables and quick plugs will not be broken or broken after long-term use.
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