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Energy saving and environmental protection, free from UV, infrared, and mercury pollution, meeting UL certification requirements

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  • Detailed

    Heating radiation area

    1*2.4m (2 pieces)

    power requirement

    ≤175W (heat radiation downward)

    temperature requirement

    25~30cm from the ground, the temperature can reach 32-35℃

    temperature rise

    Temperature rise 10°C~15°C (20~30cm from the ground)

    Warm lamp height requirements

    The overall height does not exceed 12 cm (including the protective net)

    Temperature requirements on the back of the warm lamp shade

    The temperature on the back side does not exceed 60°C (the lower the better), to prevent the high temperature on the back side from igniting the PP material on the back side

    gear design

    High - Low - Off

    protection net

    A protective net needs to be installed at the bottom of the warm lamp

    cable length

    1 meter

    Tube length


    Lamp Life Requirements

    ≥10000 hours

    Infrared Radiation Conversion Efficiency


    High pressure performance

    220V can load 120% without being burned

    Water jet resistance

    It should not burst when it encounters cold water when it is ignited

    security requirements

    The temperature rise at both ends of the lamp tube is not higher than 185K

    waterproof level


    Pressure regulation

    With pressure regulating function

    a fixed way

    Use a stainless steel spring buckle (safety buckle) with a diameter of about 35mm and an inner diameter greater than 25mm for fixing (installed on the warm lamp)

    The distance between two stainless steel spring buckles is: 100mm

    ☑ Cutting-edge light distribution design
    ☑ Reasonably control the distribution of light, ensure the ideal brightness and uniformity of light, eliminate the glare of LED, and make the LED light energy utilization to the best, eliminate light pollution.
    ☑ Scientific lens and lampshade integrated design
    ☑ The lens certification system serves both as a focusing and protective function, avoiding repeated waste of light, reducing light loss, and also reducing the weight of the product. The structure is simplified, making the product lighter and more convenient for installation (it can be easily fixed by adding a buckle).
    ☑ Integrated design of radiator lamp housing
    ☑ Fully ensuring the heat dissipation requirements and lifespan of LED lighting fixtures, fundamentally meeting the structure and arbitrary design of LED lighting fixtures, with distinctive characteristics of LED lighting fixtures.
    ☑ Intelligent current detection and control
    ☑ Each LED module implements intelligent control, ensuring precise constant current in any abnormal situation, ensuring that the LED beads work under safe current.
    ☑ No adverse glare
    ☑ Eliminating the glare, visual fatigue, and line of sight interference caused by the poor glare of ordinary light tubes provides excellent protection for vision.
    ☑ No high-pressure safety, no dust absorption
    ☑ Eliminated the annual decrease caused by the blackening of the lampshade of ordinary lamps due to high-pressure absorption of dust.
    ☑ No high-temperature lampshade, no aging or yellowing
    ☑ Avoiding the brightness reduction and shortened lifespan caused by aging and yellowing of ordinary lamps due to high-temperature baking of the lampshade.
    ☑ Start without delay
    ☑ When powered on, it reaches normal brightness, eliminating the prolonged start-up process of ordinary light tubes.
    ☑ No flash protection for eyes
    ☑ Pure DC operation eliminates visual fatigue caused by traditional light flashing.
    ☑ Stamping has strong seismic resistance and no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation
    ☑ No filament or glass cover, no problem of traditional lamp breakage, no harmful noise to the human body, no harm to the human body, and no radiation.
    ☑ High color rendering index
    ☑ The presentation of colors is more realistic and vibrant.
    ☑ Multiple color temperature options available
    ☑ Being able to meet the needs of different occasions for color temperature and color (low sodium lamp color temperature and high mercury lamp color temperature can cause mild hypnosis and depression), making observers feel more comfortable in different environments.
    ☑ There are no harmful substances in the green and environmentally friendly pipes, and waste can be recycled and reused
    ☑ It does not contain lead or toxic elements (traditional lamps contain some toxic elements due to their luminous principle), and does not cause any pollution to the environment. Scrapped LED products are also recycled and reused
    ☑ Ultra long lifespan of over 50000
    ☑ LED adopts advanced packaging technology with high reliability, fully ensuring its ultra long lifespan to be 5-10 times that of traditional sodium and mercury lamps.
    ☑ Global wide input voltage
    ☑ 85-265VAC full voltage range constant current, PWM control, high efficiency, low heat, and precise constant current.
    ☑ No pollution to the power grid
    ☑ The power factor is greater than 0.9, the harmonic is less than 20%, and the EMI meets global indicators, reducing transmission line losses and avoiding high-frequency interference pollution to the power grid.
    ☑ Low heat and low working voltage, safe and reliable
    ☑ The LED junction temperature is controlled at an ideal temperature of 60 ℃, and the operating voltage of the LED module is below 36V, ensuring safety and reliability.
    ☑ The Best Choice for Combining with Solar Energy
    ☑ Fully leveraging the advantages of LED low voltage operation and energy conservation and environmental protection, according to the local solar energy resource situation, it is possible to combine municipal electricity with solar power supply to achieve the best cost-effectiveness and high reliability for customers.
    ☑ High light efficiency
    ☑ The luminous efficiency of LED under existing conditions is greater than 85LM/W. The actual efficiency of lamps is 3-5 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, 8 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps, and 4 times that of high-pressure sodium lamps. With the rapid improvement of LED brightness, when the luminous efficiency reaches 160LM/W, the 400W sodium lamp will be replaced by the 100W LED lamp.


    ☑ Energy saving and environmental protection, free from UV, infrared, and mercury pollution, meeting UL certification requirements;
    ☑ Aluminum profile+high-quality PC mask, with strong impact resistance and soft light that does not sting the eyes;
    ☑ High transmittance mask, uniform light emitting surface, no dark spots, no LED light source particle sensation;
    ☑ Adopting special packaging and heat dissipation processes, high stability for continuous operation;
    ☑ Can be frequently switched on and off, without flickering or glare, with good color rendering performance;
    ☑ Lightweight appearance, novel style, easy to install and transport

  • Parameter


    total power


    Input voltage


    The output voltage


    Output current


    Power Factor


    Power Efficiency


    Luminous flux index

    Diffusion ≥ 800Lm

    Beam angle


    type of light source


    Lamp material

    Aluminum alloy+PC

    power installation

    Built-in non-isolated constant current power supply

    Light-transmitting cover

    PC, light transmittance 85%

    Tube size

    A:570mm B:34mm C:24mm



    degree of protection


    glow color

    warm white, natural white, pure white

    Relevant certification


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