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Arise conical insulation lampshade

Insulation lamp tube has a service life of 5000 hours

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  • Detailed

    Heating radiation area

    1*2.4m (2 pieces)

    power requirement

    ≤175W (heat radiation downward)

    temperature requirement

    25~30cm from the ground, the temperature can reach 32-35℃

    temperature rise

    Temperature rise 10°C~15°C (20~30cm from the ground)

    Warm lamp height requirements

    The overall height does not exceed 12 cm (including the protective net)

    Temperature requirements on the back of the warm lamp shade

    The temperature on the back side does not exceed 60°C (the lower the better), to prevent the high temperature on the back side from igniting the PP material on the back side

    gear design

    High - Low - Off

    protection net

    A protective net needs to be installed at the bottom of the warm lamp

    cable length

    1 meter

    Tube length


    Lamp Life Requirements

    ≥10000 hours

    Infrared Radiation Conversion Efficiency


    High pressure performance

    220V can load 120% without being burned

    Water jet resistance

    It should not burst when it encounters cold water when it is ignited

    security requirements

    The temperature rise at both ends of the lamp tube is not higher than 185K

    waterproof level


    Pressure regulation

    With pressure regulating function

    a fixed way

    Use a stainless steel spring buckle (safety buckle) with a diameter of about 35mm and an inner diameter greater than 25mm for fixing (installed on the warm lamp)

    The distance between two stainless steel spring buckles is: 100mm


    product name Iris conical thermal lampshade
    Product number ARISE-008T
    product specification 33*21.5cm (height*diameter)
    Single set net weight 755g
    aluminum cover Dura aluminum 2024, thickness 1mm, textured inner surface, golden outer edge, outer dimension Ø215*Ø85*140mm
    place of origin Guangdong, China
    Voltage 250V
    rated frequency 50/60Hz
    rated current 3A 250VAC
    Maximum Wattage 500W
    waterproof level IPX4
    the chain 2.0mm wire diameter, 2M long galvanized chain
    lock 54mm silver vermillion buckle
    iron net Carbon steel wire Ø2.8mm wire diameter, 4-ring welded molding, powder-coated surface, matte gold, 204.5*86mm 116g
    power cable Standard flat head CCC 2x0.75mm2 double core double insulation L: 2.0M, outer diameter 6.8mm, with three gear waterproof switch 6A 250VAC/10A 125VAC.
    lamp head CCC certification E27 full thread ceramic lamp holder, 0.3mm copper galvanized thread
    plastic top cover Flame retardant PETP nylon material Vicat softening point≧220℃
    Aluminum Radiator Aluminum alloy casting molding, surface powder spraying treatment, size Ø84*Ø42*66mm, 112g
    life time The service life of the heat preservation lamp is 5000 hours
  • Parameter

    temperature requirement

    25~30cm from the ground, the temperature can reach 32-35℃

    energy saving switch

    With energy saving switch (high-off-low)

    Radiation range

    When the low gear is used, the height from the ground is 200 or 300mm, and the average temperature of the slatted plate directly under the warm lamp is 32-35°C

    Protection net height


    wire length

    1 m



    Regulator function

    With pressure regulating function


    Designated Remark waterproof plug

    temperature rise

    Temperature rise 10°C~15°C (20~30cm from the ground)

    color temperature


    waterproof level




    bulb torque

    3N m

    Glass outer diameter

    125 MM

    Glass bulb length

    183 MM

    Insulation resistance


    Moisture resistance

    Moisture resistant

    Water jet resistance

    don't burst

    High pressure performance

    220V can load 130% without being burned

    lamp head

    Material is nickel-plated copper

    duration of use

    10000 hours

    Light bulb

    hard glass [page] glass

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