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LED mining lamp series

Private mold design, integrated die-casting aluminum casing

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  • Detailed

    Heating radiation area

    1*2.4m (2 pieces)

    power requirement

    ≤175W (heat radiation downward)

    temperature requirement

    25~30cm from the ground, the temperature can reach 32-35℃

    temperature rise

    Temperature rise 10°C~15°C (20~30cm from the ground)

    Warm lamp height requirements

    The overall height does not exceed 12 cm (including the protective net)

    Temperature requirements on the back of the warm lamp shade

    The temperature on the back side does not exceed 60°C (the lower the better), to prevent the high temperature on the back side from igniting the PP material on the back side

    gear design

    High - Low - Off

    protection net

    A protective net needs to be installed at the bottom of the warm lamp

    cable length

    1 meter

    Tube length


    Lamp Life Requirements

    ≥10000 hours

    Infrared Radiation Conversion Efficiency


    High pressure performance

    220V can load 120% without being burned

    Water jet resistance

    It should not burst when it encounters cold water when it is ignited

    security requirements

    The temperature rise at both ends of the lamp tube is not higher than 185K

    waterproof level


    Pressure regulation

    With pressure regulating function

    a fixed way

    Use a stainless steel spring buckle (safety buckle) with a diameter of about 35mm and an inner diameter greater than 25mm for fixing (installed on the warm lamp)

    The distance between two stainless steel spring buckles is: 100mm

    ☑ Private mold design, integrated die-casting aluminum housing
    ☑ High luminous efficacy, up to 120lm/W 150lm/W
    ☑ Beaming angle: 45°/90°/120°
    ☑ Anti-glare design, UGR<25
    ☑ Protection class IP65
    ☑ 5-year warranty
    Applicable places: warehouses, supermarkets, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, gas stations, toll stations, shipyards, brick yards, etc.

  • Parameter




    产品型号 HB-S1-100CA1
    产品尺寸 280*187mm
    输入电压 AC100V-240V 50/60HZ
    功率 100W
    灯珠型号 Lumileds 3030
    灯珠数量 100pcs
    亮度 暖白 11600LM
    自然白 11800LM
    白光冷白 12000LM
    色温 暖白 2800-3500K
    自然白 3800-4500K
    白光 4700-5300K
    冷白 5500-6500K
    发光角度 45°/90°/120°
    显色指数 Ra>80
    电源效率 >90%
    灯具光效 120lm/W
    功率因数 >0.9
    谐波 ≤15%
    防护等级 IP65
    产品净重 3.5kgs
    产品认证 UL+CUL,SAA,CE,CB



    电源 明纬(HBG-120-36A)
    外壳加工 整个压铸外壳
    材质 铝+玻璃



    使用温度范围 -20℃~50℃
    工作湿度范围 10%~95%
    存储温度范围 -40℃~75℃
    存储湿度范围 10%~80%
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